Only 15 people protested Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Over Texas, but accusations that the event was held to spread anti-American hatred was enough to scare thousands of people away, said Jamal Qaddura, an organizer of the Oct. 14 event.

“There are 150,000 Muslims in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and only 9,000 showed up,” Qaddura said. “What does that tell you?”

Qaddura was one of about 30 representatives of North Texas-based Islamic organizations who went to the Tarrant County Courthouse on Monday to ask state District Judge Ken Curry to prohibit a Florida man from accusing the groups of being terrorist organizations.

The groups are seeking an injunction barring Joe Kaufman from threatening, causing or inciting violence against their members.

The organizations won a temporary restraining order this month against Kaufman, co-founder of the Florida-based Americans Against Hate. . .

The lawsuit says Kaufman’s claims, which he posts on his Web site, are untrue and libelous. (MORE)


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