AUSTIN, TX — A North Carolina religion professor’s statement that Christianity and Islam talk about “the same God” is causing a furor among Baptists in Texas.

At a February conference in Austin, Texas, Charles Kimball of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., said Islamic teaching about Allah involves “the same God that Jews and Christians are talking about.” Kimball spoke at a conference sponsored by the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

His comments sparked resolutions by two associations of churches, which asked the BGCT to clarify its doctrinal position.

Leaders in Basin Baptist Network in the Midland/Odessa area approved an April 5 resolution refuting the “false and precarious” teaching that God as revealed in the Bible and Allah as presented in the Quran are the same.

The resolution, signed by 14 representatives from eight churches in the Midland/Odessa area, asked BGCT Executive Director Charles Wade, CLC director Suzii Paynter and the BGCT Executive Board to “formally distance themselves and our convention from and publicly denounce such false teaching, and [to] reaffirm the commitment to the doctrine of the triune God as clearly and correctly articulated in the ‘Baptist Faith and Message. . .'”

Kimball expressed surprise at the degree of furor sparked by remarks not significantly different than “anything I’ve been saying for 30-something years.”


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