A judge extended a temporary restraining order against the organizer of a protest at the Six Flags Over Texas Muslim Family Day while he considers a request for a temporary injunction.

Both sides made their cases in state District Judge Ken Curry’s court Monday afternoon as supporters of the injunction, most of them Muslim, watched. The protest of the special event at the Arlington theme park Oct. 14 was organized by Joe Kaufman, president of the Florida-based Americans Against Hate. He argued that the organizers of the Muslim event have connections to Middle East terrorist groups.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Don Fulton, said those claims are wrong and dangerous.

“This clearly is an invitation to violence,” he argued to the judge.

Some Tarrant County Muslims who attended the event at Six Flags testified they were fearful the protests would turn violent and they would be targeted. At least two attendees said they arrived early and left early to avoid the protests.

The temporary restraining order prohibits Mr. Kaufman from threatening, causing bodily injury or inciting violence against the plaintiffs.

Mr. Kaufman said he traveled to Arlington to inform the public that the event’s sponsor, the Islamic Circle of North America, was affiliated with the North American Islamic Trust. That group was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing case. The judge in that case declared a mistrial last week on most of the 197 counts after the jury deadlocked.

The plaintiffs in the case against Mr. Kaufman have also filed a lawsuit accusing him of libel and inflicting “emotional distress.” . . .

Mr. Fulton said the case goes beyond the Six Flags protest. He said his clients are still being targeted on Mr. Kaufman’s Web site, which shows photos and addresses of local mosques affiliated with the North American Islamic Trust.

He said it was similar to tactics used by some activists who posted photos, names and addresses of doctors who performed abortions on the Internet. In some cases, the doctors were killed. (MORE)


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