Thanks to the Chronicle for reproducing the Chicago Tribune article on the distribution of the Quran. (Please see “Dispelling rumors, one holy book at a time / Organization distributing Quran hopes method will help educate,” Religion section, Saturday.) I think it brings about an awareness with regard to other holy scriptures. One may be of other faiths and have a totally different philosophy on issues, but it helps to read other scriptures for a better understanding of perhaps your own faith.

Some of the content is easy to understand in the Quran, but some requires one to know the background of why the revelation came at that moment. So to some it may seem that it is out of a chronological order, but it is, in fact, very much in the perfect order that it should be.

For Muslims, the Quran is a divine revelation, so it has to be perfect in all respects. If one was an expert in classical Arabic, he or she would find that the whole book is just laden with jewels that no ordinary human being can even think of creating as a literary piece of work.

Perhaps one day, an article in the Chronicle on the linguistic miracle of the Quran can be printed.




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