The new-generation immigrant Muslims in the US are evincing keen interests in the country’s political activities.

While the early American Muslims were more worried about the problems faced by the Muslims in other countries, the new generation has their focus on politically empowering the community within the US, said M J Khan, member of Houston City Council.

Khan, a Pakistan immigrant, was delivering a talk on “US political process and Muslim participation in public life”, at the College of Arts and Science, Qatar University, yesterday.

Since Muslims in general are not concentrated on a particular state, the US government’s Iraq policy is unlikely to influence the presidential elections. Again, the Muslims are not in agreement on any particular policy in the US, he said.

Khan recalled that he got elected to Houston Council from a constituency where 97 per cent voters are from different culture and faith.

All across the US, at least a dozen Muslims have been elected to various public offices. The State legislative body and the US Congress also have Muslim members, he said.

The US system offers ample scope for discussion and debates on the policies of the government. In f act, the US government’s decision to intervene in Iraq was unanimously passed by the Congress.

However, a recent national survey had proved hardly 30 per cent of the people were supporting it. Like Vietnam War, discussion on Iraq will also continue even after the term of the current President, Khan said.


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