A leading U.S. technology magazine has cited a popular Muslim social networking site as the best technology start-up in Europe this year.

Red Herring included Muxlim.com in its list of top 100 European tech start-ups in March, the site’s consultant said in a press statement.

Muxlim.com was founded in December 2006 by Finland-based entrepreneurs Mohamed El-Fatatry and Pietari Päivänen. It now boasts 1 million unique visits every month. Britons accounts for 20 of the site’s users with 15 percent coming from the rest of Europe and 35 percent from the USA.

The site’s user traffic makes it the Muslim equivalent of Yahoo!, Facebook and YouTube.

El-Fatatry attributed the popularity of Muxlim.com to the safe and friendly environment of the site.

He said the site does not expose people to vulgarity, offensive content, or adult material. “Our community has been very active in helping the moderation team ensure that uploaded content is appropriate for users of all ages,” said El-Fatatry in the statement.


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