A British report says the US-Ethiopian military intervention in Somalia has hampered international efforts to bring peace to the country.

A Chatham house foreign affairs report said, “Genuine multilateral concern to support the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Somalia has been hijacked by unilateral actions of other international actors – especially Ethiopia and the US – following their own foreign policy agendas.”

The report labeled the installation of a new US-Ethiopian backed Somali government as “highly provocative.” It was installed in 2007 to counter a rise in Islamist beliefs and the arrival of African Union (AU) peacekeepers.

Eight days of ongoing violence between Ethiopian forces and Islamist groups in the Somali capital Mogadishu has claimed at least 329 lives, according to a human rights group tally.

Similar battles at the end of last month claimed at least 1,000 lives while displacing thousands of civilians.

Chatham House researchers say support for the brief Islamic Courts government that came to power in Mogadishu in 2006 is likely to re-emerge.


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