Upset by killings in Mumbai last year and aware that innocent people were dying on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Alan Bachman set out to write a song about similarities.

He wanted to express how two groups that have a long history of conflict are descended from the same ancestor.

Months later, dozens of Muslim and Jewish children stood just feet from each other Sunday in the LDS Church Tabernacle in Salt Lake City and sang the same melody.

After the crowd applauded, Bachman spoke about his hope.

“You won’t see that in too many cities,” he said during the annual Interfaith music concert. “What happened in Utah must leave Utah and spread around the world.”

The song, “Children of Abraham,” has already begun to have an impact. For many of these children, singing together was the first time they had met a child of the opposite faith. They had learned of their common heritage and how stereotypes should not be believed. (MORE)


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