Del. Lionell Spruill (D-Chesapeake) apologized today for saying on the House floor yesterday that he doesn’t like to hear prayers of different religions, “especially those of the Muslim faith that I don’t care too much about.”

Spruill, who is also a member of the Democratic National Committee, issued his apology moments after his employer, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran, urged him to do so.

Beside being a delegate and a DNC member, Spruill is a paid consultant for the Moran campaign when the General Assembly is not in session. Moran is paying Spruill $7,500 a month to do outreach in the African-American community, although his salary is suspended during the 45-day legislative session.

During a House floor debate Wednesday, Spruill spoke out against a bill that would allow state police chaplains to use “Jesus” in public prayers. After Spruill’s comment about Muslims were reported on in the Virginian Pilot, some Democrats and Ben Tribbett, who runs the Not Larry Sabato blog, sought to link him to Moran. (MORE)


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