The FBI is forming relationships within the Muslim American community. New focus on these relationships comes after last week’s arrest of six men thought to be a part of a terrorism support network in Miami. The FBI remains interested in Muslims living in America who would want to attack the United States.

John Miller, assistant director of public affairs for the FBI, explains the bureau’s thinking behind the partnerships.

The conversation continues with Imam Mohamed Hagmagid Ali, vice president of the Islamic Society of North America. He talks about his long-standing relationship with the FBI. . .

The Conversation Continues with Imam Mohamed Hagmagid Ali (Excerpt):

Everyone might not be pleased to get a phone call from the FBI, especially at a time of such national anxiety. How did you feel?

Actually, some of the community had concerns. Members of the community asked questions about the nature of the relationship with the FBI. I explained to them this is a two-way street. We are here to protect the country we live in, make sure our religion will not be hijacked by extremist. We would like to send a message to everyone that our community will not tolerate anyone who would like to infiltrate the community or misuse our resources to do harm to this country.


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