Indeed, more than two hundred people did show up for Sunday’s ADAMS Center open house. Including some very familar faces — a half a dozen or so elected or want-to-be elected Loudoun and state officials. Among the politicos: Senator Mark Herring, Delegate David Poisson, state senate candidate (and former Loudoun school board member) John A. Andrews II, and Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delaudio.

After the opening Quran readings and songs, each “guest speaker” had a minute or so to say a few words, including many thanks for previous support. But it seemed a little disjointed from the purposeful presentations of culture and education that surrounded the large community room. Especially when the first Q&A question from the audience, courtesy of Supervisor Delgaudio, was about whether or not the Girl Scouts were selling cookies and what did the Boy Scouts do for fundraising.

We can probably expect to see more of these community appearances as the region gears up for the next election. Almost all of them hung around to chat, so this would have been a perfect time to have a one-on-one conversation to get your most burning questions answered.


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