VIDEO: Alleged Religious Descrimination Case Under Investigation (KSBW)

The Muslim community is outraged tonight that a girl was ordered to remove her head scarf — or hijab during her second day of summer school. The family of the Sudanese-American girl is demanding a public apology for what happened at a high school in Seaside — near Monterey.

Summer school is in session at seaside high school in Seaside. At lunchtime last Tuesday, 14-year-old Eduardo Munoz heard screaming.

Eduardo Munoz, Seaside High School Student: “Robo told her to take off her scarf. She can’t where she comes from, so she started crying because Robo started screaming at her.”

Robo, he says is what students call the lunch supervisor. The young woman he says was very upset.

Eduardo Munoz: “She was just crying she was just putting her head down and she walked out of class.”

The incident was over a scarf like this woman is wearing called a hijab. It’s the scarf some Muslim women choose to wear as part of their religious practice. . .

Azima Subedar is with the Council on American Islamic Relations called CAIR. Her organization and the young woman’s parents are upset that an educator doesn’t understand the importance the hijab has to Muslim women. They say the teenager was hurt and publicly humiliated in front of her peers, and an apology is needed. We spoke to the girl’s father Yosif Omer by phone — the family did not want to appear on camera.


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