BROOKSVILLE – When Governor-elect Charlie Crist heard one of his supporters call Islam a “hateful and frightening” religion, he kicked her off his election team.

Governor Bush also condemned Hernando Commissioner Tom Hogan’s and his wife for the remark.

Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite didn’t respond until after the election, then she rushed to the couple’s defense.

“Ms. Hogan is entitled to her views, and her husband stood by her side as a good husband should,” stated Brown-Waite.

The congresswoman also attacked the Governor and the Governor-elect for condemning the comment.

“Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim except for Tim McVeigh,” offered Brown-Waite.

“What about Eric Rudolph?” FOX 13 asked.

“Well except him too,” said Brown-Waite.

“What about the Klan?” we asked.

“They’re not doing terrorist activities right now. We’re talking about a group that wants to do away with our way of life. With all due respect, I don’t think there’s any comparison,” said Brown-Waite.

We can find many non-Muslim terrorists, but Islamic groups say that’s not the point.

“She’s actually standing up on the wrong side of the aisle, defending bigotry and hatred,” stated Ahmed Bedier with the Council on American Islamic Relations.


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