The FBI has been contacted about a possible hate crime in the city of Clarksville.

Islamic residents there told police they found a copy of the Koran on their doorstep that had been desecrated. They said clearly, it was a message of hate aimed at followers of Islam

Jerome Heath never expected to see a message of hate when he showed up for his Friday prayers at the Clarksville Islamic Center.

Unfortunately, that’s what he found.

He said, “We were upset, because the actual words of God, someone had written profanities on that.”

Inside the book, someone had left two strips of raw bacon and wrote the words “F Islam”.

Clarksville Police took the book as evidence and have contacted the FBI.

The center, located in this strip mall for the past year and a half, is where a couple dozen followers of Islam meet every Friday for noon day prayers.

Until last week, they had never felt unwelcome.

Even now, Heath said the solitary act doesn’t change that.


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