Everyone should be able to worship in peace, but it appears someone is targeting local mosques and sending them hate mail.
“You just wonder what’s going through the mind of such a person who would take the time out to put together such material and then send it out to people,” said Raheem Hanifa with the Council on American Islamic Relations Michigan.
The images on the hateful fliers are sick to say the least. They were sent to a Detroit mosque more than once. The most recent string of hate mail arrived last week, and that is not the only mosque that has been targeted.
“The United States Postal Inspection Office alerted us that a Koran was smeared with feces and sent to a local mosque, as well,” Hanifa said.
The Detroit mosque gave the hate mail to the Council on American Islamic Relations.
“We sent them to the United States Postal Inspection Service,” said Hanifa.
They’re determined to track down whoever is behind this string of vicious mailings. In the meantime, CAIR is urging all mosques and Islamic organizations to be extremely cautious when opening any mail that does not have a return address.


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