Their motto is more than 99 billion served…but right now, they’re down at least one customer. A Whitehall woman says a local McDonald’s wouldn’t serve her because she is Muslim. So now, she’s serving McDonald’s with a religious discrimination suit. WFMZ’s Stephanie Esposito has the story.

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>>About this time last year Tanveer Walli had a lot to celebrate. She just had her first baby, it was her husbands 30th birthday and their anniversary. But things changed for her in one simple trip to the McDonalds inside Wal-Mart in Whitehall.

>>I took down one chair and we went to sit at the table and someone screamed you can’t sit there.

>>REPORTER: Tanveer apoligized and tried to order.

>>I said I’d like to order and before I could finish my sentence the lady behind the counter turned around and said go put up all the chairs she took down.

>>She looked over my shoulder and said next customer please.

>>REPORTER: Other customers ordered and sat in the seats Tanveer had originally moved, she wondered what was going on.

>>I asked if I could speak tot he manager and she said I am the manager.

>>So I blatently went out and asked her is it because of my headscarf? She just started laughing.

>>REPORTER: They left McDonalds and a Walmart manager asked what happened. She says the manager offered to talk to McDonalds…

>>He comes back and says the reason you weren’t served is because its a health and safety violation.

>>He then said to me you don’t know what discrimination is. Only black people face discrimination. You’re not black. (MORE)


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