The grandson of a Muslim man buried at the site of a proposed new Islamic Center in Rutherford County said the family did not break any law.

“Me and my uncle and dad buried by grandpa,” said Naim Abulaban.

The unmarked grave on the property is at the center of a growing controversy.

Critics of plans for the new Islamic Center have requested that the sheriff investigate whether the burial was legal.

“There seems to be too much secrecy surrounding this burial,” said Laurie Cardoza-Moore, a concerned citizen.

But Abulaban says the family obtained the proper permit to bury his grandfather. The Murfreesboro police — as its their policy on all funerals — even provided an escort the day of the burial.

Abulaban said it’s unfortunate his deceased grandfather is now in the middle of the controversy over the proposed new Islamic Center. He said critics are using the grave issue to try to delay the project. (More)


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