Mohamed stated his main mission was to bring to the attention of average Americans the ongoing war in Somalia.

Many people across the world intimately relate to the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the American civil rights leader who spoke so eloquently about war and peace, justice and equality some 40 years ago.

A peace rally held in honor of Dr. King was held at Franklin High School, in Seattle, Washington, on MLK Day (January 21). People from all walks of life attended, with various workshops addressing issues as distinct as the state of the homeless in Seattle to opposition to wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

A workshop entitled “War and Poverty in East Africa” was among several workshops at the Franklin event, organized by the local MLK Committee and attended by nearly 2,000 people. The workshop, hosted by T. West, had two panelists: Peter, who addressed election violence in Kenya, and Mohamed, who spoke about the ongoing war in Somalia.

Peter’s comments stressed the necessity of reconciliation among Kenya’s various ethnic groups, some of whom were directly involved in a bitter round of post-election violence. He appealed to a room audience of about 65 people to reach out to local politicians who represent the State of Washington at the federal level and lobby for U.S. pressure on Kenyan leaders to end the violence and resume peaceful, democratic debate.

For his part, Mohamed stated his main mission was to bring to the attention of average Americans the ongoing war in Somalia, where government forces and their Ethiopian military allies are attempting to suppress a volatile insurgency. He indicated that the Somalia war does not get as much media attention as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that the suffering of civilians is as atrocious. He said the Somali government is led by ruthless warlords, who are responsible for endless crimes dating back to 1991. . .

Mohamed, 26, is currently the caretaker chairman of the Seattle chapter of United Somali Diaspora, a worldwide network of Somalis who aim to mobilize and help change the status quo in Somalia for a better future. (MORE)


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