Their campaign of terror keeps spreading.

They want to wipe out those who don’t agree with their way of life.

They’ve spilled blood across the planet for eons, finding justification for the evil they do in holy texts.

What do we call them?

What else? Christian-o-fascists!

While we’re at it, let’s give them a calendar slot — “Christian-o-Fascism Awareness Week” — to be celebrated on college campuses everywhere.

Yes, I drummed up this term this week to show extreme ideas aren’t confined to one religion. Zealots who wrap themselves in Christianity have blown up abortion clinics as well as claimed the lives of non-believers since antiquity. Jewish extremists whack Palestinians. Muslim nutcases bastardize Islam to justify suicide bombings that kill innocents.

Yet, it seems only the radical fringe of Islam gets slapped with a silly but dangerous label, designed to fan fears and taint a whole faith.

This brings me to — drum roll, please — “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” celebrated at more than 100 campuses across the country, including the University of Washington.

Last week’s nationwide event was aimed at fostering awareness of the terror threat posed by a fraction of those in the Islamic faith. Organizers also wanted to blast the “silence of feminists” over the oppression of women of Islam.

Their effort would have been better served by looking at how extremists everywhere, across the spectrum of beliefs, crap up the world.

That actually could foster constructive dialogue about the perils of ultra-radicals.

Earnest dialogue, though, wasn’t on the agenda for the UW College Republicans, the local lackeys for the big week. They’re more about fanning flames of ignorance — and garnering attention — than kindling wisdom. They give wiser GOP minds a bad name. (MORE)


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