Re: “Time for Canadians to be intolerant of intolerance,” Rob Breakenridge, Opinion, May 27.

Why do people feel so threatened by Muslim women wearing the hijab? It is a piece of fabric that covers their hair and is worn to express modesty — what is so offensive about this? I have many friends who wear the hijab. Rob Breakenridge stigmatizes these women as being defined by what they are wearing on their heads. All of their intelligence, independence and thoughts are belittled when western society chooses not to see beyond their hijabs and groups them as oppressed by their religion.

All of my friends who wear the hijab are strong-minded, intelligent and independent women who think for themselves. They do not deserve to be put under this limiting and prejudiced heading. The rest of the Muslim community does not stigmatize these women half as much as our wonderful western society. They are respected and play an important role in their communities.

I don’t find that I have anything to “tolerate” except their nice company, jokes and conversation — the same thing I enjoy with all of my friends from different backgrounds. Please don’t shrink my friends down to silenced and suppressed women; the hijab is part of who they are, but it is not every part.

Caitrin Hodson,



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