The question comes up every time there’s an attack by terrorists who say they’re acting in the name of Islam. “If all the other Muslims are so peaceful, why don’t they condemn these attacks.” As I’ve pointed out before: They do. But it doesn’t generally get much play.
I was off last week (I hope your TG was a good one) during the main — and horrible — religion news from Mumbai. Amidst the hundreds of other terrible stories, that the killers managed to target what may have been the only concentration of Jews in thousands of miles had me thinking of an old Jewish joke that has a Jewish man dying and, once he gets to heaven, asking to see God. “Is it true the Jews are the Chosen People?” he asks the Almighty. “Yes,” God replies. And the punchline: “Then would you mind choosing someone else for a while?”
Back to my point: My e-box includes condemnations of the latest killings from CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), two networks of Indian-American Muslims, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a lesser-known Muslim set, and an interfaith group that includes Muslim members. I’m sure that there are more such that didn’t land in my box. (MORE)


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