Will Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi be second time lucky? His supporters here want the US to grant him a visa to enable his participation in a world Gujarati meet though he was denied visa three years ago thanks to the controversy over his handling of communal violence in 2002.

“It is not just a question of one individual getting the visa. The prestige of a state is at stake,” said Sunil Nayak, president of the Association of Indian Americans of North America (AIANA), which is hosting the conference.

“Unless the US consulate gives a surety that it will grant Modi the visa, he will not apply,” Nayak said.

Chandru Bhambhra, president of the Friends of Overseas BJP (FOBJP) and a close confidante, said: “Modi told me some months ago that he was not going to apply for a US visa since he faces the risk of denial, which could hurt his reputation.”

But if the government of a state like New Jersey invites him, then it will be a different matter, he added.

Modi was denied a visa to visit the US after his allegedly biased handling of the communal violence in Gujarat in 2002. As many as 1,169 people, a majority of them Muslims, were killed in the violence that, rights organisations say, could have been averted.

He has since been forced to address gatherings of his supporters and the Gujarati diaspora in the US through video conferencing or live telecast.

Nayak of AIANA is hopeful that some breakthrough in the visa situation will be made in the two and a half months before the Aug 29-31 non-political conference.

“Modi is helping the state and its culture. His presence here will help people reconnect with their cultural roots in Gujarat. If he is not able to come in person, we will think of an alternative, which will certainly be better than mere video conferencing,” he said. (MORE)


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