The anti-Americanism that surged through much of the world over the American-led war in Iraq shows modest signs of abating, although distinctly negative views persist in the Muslim world, according to a major new international opinion poll. The poll, conducted from April 20 to May 31, found lingering doubts, fears and resentments about the United States, but a warming in a few countries, generally tied to specific policies, from a year earlier. For example, 79 percent of Indonesians said they had a more favorable view of the United States as a result of the aid Americans provided after the Dec. 26 tsunami. Indians appeared pleased with closer economic ties to the United States, and Russians by cooperation on trade and terrorism. “Anti-Americanism in most parts of the world we surveyed seems pretty entrenched,” said Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Center, in Washington. “But there are some very positive signs of progress in India and Russia and Indonesia.” (MORE)


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