“Isn’t this so cute?” cooed Hiba Khan, admiring a loose-knit vest glimmering with a sequined brown collar at Tysons Corner Center’s LVL X clothing store. Sexy, the 21-year-old Fairfax City resident admitted, but that’s easily remedied with a long-sleeve top and a properly fastened head scarf.

In the hip young Muslim crowd, modesty is always in.

Muslim women find creative ways to stay fashionable while preserving the modesty principle taught by their religion. (Sarah L. Voisin – The Post)

“I usually try not to buy anything too flashy or too revealing, but yeah, I want to look nice,” she said while at the mall one recent afternoon for a little back-to-school shopping.

With summer coming to a close and classes about to start, she and a half-dozen other college students were in search of “sister-friendly” clothes — attire that conforms to Islamic dictates but appeals to a contemporary sense of style and beauty.

But sticking to Islamic standards of modesty isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t always come naturally to girls raised in the United States, where MTV and Hollywood are more likely than religious texts to set fashion standards. Choosing to follow Islam’s clothing guidelines is often the result of a deep desire for cultural identity or religious soul-searching — especially for young women such as Khan, who as a teenager decided on her own to adopt the clothing standards of her religion.

That doesn’t mean she and other young Muslim women want to put aside a desire to be pretty. (MORE)


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