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CAIR-CAN Dinner a Huge Success

(OTTAWA, CANADA ­ 05/6/05) ­ Alhamdulillah (all praise is due to God), CAIR-CAN’s Third Annual Fundraising Dinner in Toronto this past weekend was a huge success.  A sold-out crowd of over 700 people came to honor the past five years of CAIR-CAN’s human rights, media and political advocacy work, and donated $140,000 to continue supporting it. Keynote speakers included: Senator Mobina Jaffer who spoke about her experiences as a Canadian Muslim; Lloyd Axworthy, a Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressed the crowd with a speech about his political work in Canada and abroad; and Maher Arar, a human rights activist, moved the audience to tears with his heartfelt speech and acceptance of an award from CAIR-CAN for his tireless fight for justice.  The night ended with the comedy of Azhar Usman.

“CAIR-CAN would like to thank everyone who came to the dinner and supported us with their generous donations.  May Allah bless all of the donors and volunteers, both in this world and the hereafter,” stated Riad Saloojee, the executive director of CAIR-CAN. For more information, visit:


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