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CAIR-CAN: Mosque Vandalized with Anti-Muslim Posters

(OTTAWA, CANADA, 5/23/06) – The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) has condemned the recent vandalism of a Quebec mosque with hateful messages and is calling on all Canadians to renew their commitment to outreach efforts to build bridges and combat hate in all its forms.

According to news reports, posters bearing hateful statements were taped to the front door of a local mosque in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. The posters labeled Arabs as terrorists, ordered them to leave the area, reprinted offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and called on Quebecers to stand against the “Islamization” of Quebec cities. The posters were signed by a group called Quebec Radical.

In a statement released today, CAIR-CAN said:

“The posting of such deeply offensive materials on the door of a Quebec mosque is a blatant attempt to demean the local Muslim community and frighten them into withdrawing from the area. This shameful act of hate shows the destructive potential of Islamophobic attitudes.

“CAIR-CAN calls on the local officials in Trois-Rivieres to demonstrate leadership and stand strong against hate and to investigate this incident as a hate crime and bring the perpetrators to justice to ensure that the hate-mongers who committed this shameful act do not succeed in their attempt to intimidate vulnerable minorities.

“CAIR-CAN further encourages the citizens of Trois-Rivieres to engage in outreach efforts aimed at strengthening relations and building bridges in order to defend the democratic values that are so dear to all Canadians and show hateful groups that malicious agendas will not be permitted to succeed.”

For more information, please contact Halima Mautbur at 613-795-2012. For French media inquiries, please contact Sarah Elgazzar at 514-776-6566.


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