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CAIR-Houston Discusses Hajj at Church Gathering

(HOUSTON, TX, 3/4/05) – On March 2, a representative of the Houston office
of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Houston) discussed the
basics of Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, at the Memorial Drive United
Methodist Church.

CAIR-Houston Executive Director Iesa Galloway gave a presentation to the
group of some 60 parishioners that covered basic Islamic beliefs,
statistics about American Muslims and about the rituals of Hajj.

“It is heartwarming to have sincere dialogue with people of faith who are
seeking to recognize and build on common ground,” said Iesa Galloway. “This
event reaffirmed my confidence that friendship and mutual understanding
will continue to grow among Americans.”

Roger Daniels, event organizer said, “The presentation was very informative
and gave the group a better understanding of the basic tenets of Islam as
well as the rites and rituals of Hajj.”

CONTACT: CAIR-Houston, 713-838-2247, 832-656-0449

The event was in response to a recently-published article, “A Texans
Pilgrimage to Mecca,” by Galloway about his personal journey performing the



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