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CAIR Op-Ed: Criticizing Israel’s Apartheid Policies Isn’t Anti-Semitic — And Hasn’t Led to a Surge in Anti-Semitic Incidents

…Here’s the good news: the tide has turned, the truth is spreading and things are beginning to change. The Israeli government and its war crime apologists are losing the war of public opinion. Now we must keep up the momentum by continuously standing with our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Call your congressional members. Demand that your House representative and senators end the $4 billion military aid subsidized by your tax dollars. Support Palestine advocacy groups and Palestinian businesses. Support efforts to use political and economic pressure to end the occupation.

Most importantly, always remember one thing: Palestine is not the exception.

Huzaifa Shahbaz is the Research & Advocacy Coordinator of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization.


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