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CAIR Op-Ed: Pushing Back Against Big Tech’s Censorship of Palestine Advocacy


Imagine being robbed of everything you own in broad daylight. Imagine a criminal taking away your wallet, your car, your house, even your family. Imagine dozens of onlookers who could call for help simply ignoring what’s happening to you. Or worse, imagine the onlookers praise the robber and condemn you as the criminal.

This is the situation that Palestinians living under Israeli occupation have experienced every day for decades. Robbed of their very lives while numerous foreign governments and media outlets stand by, watching.

For many Palestinians, social media has been the best way to tell their stories, seek help and inspire change. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide Palestinians with a platform to document and bring attention to the injustices that corporate media outlets regularly ignore. However, the recent violence against Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and in Gaza revealed that social media is not a safe place for Palestinians to tell their stories…

…Times are changing. People who are dedicated to freedom, equality and justice will no longer allow the Israeli government to dictate its policy of apartheid in the digital sphere.

Ismail Allison is a recent graduate of Howard University who serves as an intern with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

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