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CAIR’s Quran Project UPDATE and Partnership Opportunity

Quran 1Before giving you a progress report, I want to thank you for your past support of CAIR's Quran campaigns. With your help, we've been able to distribute copies of the Quran to thousands of Americans. I am happy to report that we have recently completed our Distribute a Quran promotion during which we distributed another 50,000 sponsored copies to institutions and interfaith partners, which brings our overall distribution total to well over 130,000 copies!  

One of the best parts of my job is reading the mail. I am always deeply touched by the gratitude and sincerity expressed by our interfaith partners upon receiving a copy of the Quran. Here are a couple excerpts from letters to CAIR:

“Our minister was sent a copy of the Quran by your group, and he added a Quran study group to our Adult Religious Education course offerings. We are midway through the class, and at least half of us are using the translations of the Quran provided by CAIR. We are all impressed with the quality of these books — both the translation, and the beautiful production values. Thank you very much from all of us for your generous gift, which does so much to promote interfaith understanding and harmony.â€

“Today, during a bible study meeting, some folks were making statements about Islam, the Quran, etc., as propagating / condoning violence. I have only read bits and pieces of the Quran you sent me, but I knew that they were wrong and so I argued that they were taking comments out of context. Had you not sent me the free Quran, I probably would have accepted their statements, but having read, for myself, I could correct their misstatements. Thank you for entrusting your holy book to my family.â€

These positive responses show that the project is working and has led us to our new initiative.

For this new phase, we are working in conjunction with mosques across the country that are actively engaged in interfaith outreach. CAIR would like to support our communities by supplying them with copies of the Quran to use in their interfaith initiatives. We would like to partner with you to make this happen.

From now, until the end of Ramadan, CAIR will cover the first $20, as well as the shipping costs of each copy of the Quran that you sponsor and your $25 donation will cover the remaining cost of a Quran sponsorship. Together, we can provide mosques with these beautiful copies of The Message of the Quran. This translation is truly a beautiful presentation and will make a lasting impression on all who receives them.


I am reaching out to people who have helped in the past because I know you believe in the project and will do what you can to help again. With your support, we can continue enhancing the understanding of Islam in America. Please pass this on to friends who may not have heard of this noble project and encourage them to give generously. Thank you.


Laurie Jaghlit

Quran Project Manager

PS  If you would like to sponsor copies for your local mosques' interfaith activities, please contact me directly at to coordinate.

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