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Muslim Groups Release COVID-19 Ramadan 2021 Tips for Mosques and Islamic Centers: #SafeRamadan

  • Coalition issues community advisory and toolkit with graphics; guidance on whether Muslims can get vaccinated in Ramadan  
  • SAVE THE DATE: On Thursday, April 8th, the National Muslim Task Force on COVID-19 will be hosting an informative webinar on vaccines and Ramadan. Tune in and register using the link here:   

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 4/6/21) – The National Muslim Task Force on COVID-19 (NMTF) and the National Black Muslim COVID Coalition (NBMCC) on Ramadan 2021 and COVID-19 Vaccines today released a joint Ramadan 2021 community advisory and toolkit with graphics for mosques and Islamic centers providing updated guidance on having a #SafeRamadan and on the COVID-19 vaccines.    

[NOTES: The month-long fast of Ramadan is expected to begin on or about April 13. Because the beginning of Islamic lunar months depends on the sighting of the new moon, the start and end dates for Ramadan may vary. Consult local Muslim communities for the beginning and end dates of Ramadan.]   

While NMTF and NBMCC welcome the progress being made with the COVID-29 vaccine roll-out, the groups are urging the American Muslim community — and all other Americans — to remain cautious and alert.    

READ THE TOOLKIT AND FULL STATEMENT: NMTF and NBMCC Ramadan 2021 Tips for Mosques and Islamic Centers: #SafeRamadan

The “Ramadan 2021 tips for Mosques and Islamic Centers: #SafeRamadan” toolkit provides resources and recommendations on:    

  • #SafeRamadan tips during COVID-19   
  • Best practices for managing mosques and Islamic centers.   
  • Best practices for attending mosques and Islamic centers.   
  • Checklist for reopening mosques and Islamic centers.   
  • COVID-19 vaccine tips.   
  • Information on taking the COVIF-19 vaccine during Ramadan and while fasting. (You can!)   

The “NMTF and NBMCC Statement on Ramadan and COVID-19 Vaccines” strongly recommends:   

  • Health Safety Practices: All individuals, families, households, and community organizations continue to follow public health and government guidance for social distancing, wearing masks in public spaces and limiting mass public gatherings for a #SafeRamadan.   
  • Safe Community Space and Mosque Use: Careful implementation of safe practices in the community and mosques, especially during Ramadan. A cautious approach to reopening is necessary for maximizing preservation of human life. (See the toolkit)   
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Promotion: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine in consultation with your healthcare provider.    

Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, NMTF and NBCC’s stress that the vaccines approved in the United States have been deemed permissible for Muslims to use (halal). They have not been compared to each other yet, but all are effective at fighting severe COVID-19 infections.    

  • The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines DO NOT contain pork products or alcohol and were NOT made using aborted fetal stem cells. They are made using novel mRNA technology. According to health experts, they are not expected to have negative long-term health impacts. This DOES NOT change your DNA.     
  • The Johnson & Johnson vaccine works similarly to older vaccines. They do not have pork products, but have been manufactured using cell lines from aborted fetal stem cells. However, many juridical authorities have deemed them permissible to use (halal) given the societal and individual health needs to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.    
  • The CDC states that fully vaccinated individuals can be indoors unmasked with other fully vaccinated individuals.    

National Muslim Task Force on COVID-19 (NMTF) and National Black Muslim COVID Coalition (NBMCC) toolkit and joint statement signatories include:
 American Muslim Community Foundation (AMCF); American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP); Association of Muslim Chaplains; Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); Eid Holiday Coalition; Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA); ICNA Relief USA; Imamia Medics International (IMI); Institute for Muslim Mental Health; Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA); Islamic Relief USA; Islamic Schools League of America (ISLA); Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights; Masjid Muhammad; Mercy Without Limits; Muslim American Society (MAS); Muslim Health Consortium (MHC); Muslim Wellness Foundation; MuslimARC; Penny Appeal USA; Stanford Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology Lab; and, The Initiative on Islam and Medicine (II&M). 

NOTE: All recommendations are based on consultations with public health and religious experts, guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), federal and state authorities, and are in accordance with the Islamic moral tradition’s views on the sanctity and preservation of life.  

The National Muslim COVID-19 Taskforce and the National Black Muslim COVID Coalition pray that Allah (SWT) continue to protect our communities, healthcare/frontline workers, and vulnerable populations from this pandemic, and accepts our fasts, duas, and prayers during this blessed month of Ramadan.   

CAIR’s mission is to protect civil rights, enhance understanding of Islam, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.      

La misión de CAIR es proteger las libertades civiles, mejorar la comprensión del Islam, promover la justicia, y empoderar a los musulmanes en los Estados Unidos.      


CONTACT: CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726,; CAIR Director of Government Affairs Department Robert S. McCaw, 202-999-8292, 

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