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Update: VA Quran Burnings Not a Hate Crime CAIR’s Maryland and Virginia office

(CAIR-MD/VA) has been told by Muslim community leaders in Blacksburg, Va., that a recent incident involving burned Qurans left outside a local mosque was not bias-motivated. According to those leaders, the Qurans were burned accidentally and left at the mosque for respectful disposal. “We thank local law enforcement authorities for their swift and professional action in response to this incident and are relieved that bias was apparently not a motivating factor,” said CAIR-MD/VA Director of Civil Rights Shama Farooq. “As we said when the incident first occurred, it is best to wait until the results of a full investigation before drawing any conclusions as to motive.” FOR BACKGROUND, SEE: “Burned Korans Found at Va. Islamic Center”

CONTACT: Shama Farooq, 301-343-2924, E-Mail:


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