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‘Allah Made Me Funny’ Movie Tackles Post-9/11 Issues with Humor

(Washington D.C. September 8, 2008) — Three rising comedians are set to take on the stereotypes and deliver something that few movie goers expect when they go to a movie that features Muslims: laughter. “Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert,” a new documentary featuring the stand-up routines of three of America’s funniest Muslims, premieres in select cities October 3.
“This fall, we’re seeing a lot of new movies that feature Muslim Americans as central characters,” says “Allah Made Me Funny” co-executive producer Alex Kronemer. “Movies like ‘Towelhead’ are taking a dramatic approach to discrimination, while films like ‘Traitor’ rely on the same old gratuitous caricatures of Muslims to advance an action movie plot. ‘Allah Made Me Funny’ is completely different. First and foremost, it’s about comedy. It’s about American Muslims telling jokes and stories about themselves that bring a hilarious and often surprising glimpse into the American Muslim experience.”
Although the live tour, upon which the film is based, was conceptualized long before 2001, the acts of 9/11 could not help but influence the acts of “Allah Made Me Funny” trio Azhar Usman, Mo Amer and Preacher Moss. Living as Muslims in post-9/11 America has been a tricky predicament, not to mention figuring out how, as Muslims, to respond to the confusion that’s flooded the country since.
“I don’t want the film or our comedy to be confused as an emotional response to 9/11,” says Preacher Moss, an African-American convert to Islam. “By bringing our brand of humor to diverse audiences, we’re offering an accessible and mainstream effort to deal with questions the public might have about Muslims and Islam while giving Muslim Americans the much-needed chance to hear from each other and laugh at themselves.”
Featuring music of rising indie scene artists, “Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert” gives people of all cultural backgrounds an opportunity to laugh hard, drop their guard, and open their minds.
“The time for breakout Muslim comedians is now,” says Kronemer. “With their fresh take on humor, the men of ‘Allah Made Me Funny’ can connect with anyone who loves a laugh. Today, they’re the ideal trailblazers to defy prejudice and foster goodwill through comedy.”
“Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert” will have a week-long nationwide release at Landmark theaters from October 3-9, 2008. For more information, please visit
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