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As violence in the Middle East spirals out of control, our resources are once again stretched to their limit. Meanwhile our day-to-day work of defending your civil liberties and promoting an accurate image of Islam and Muslims continues to pile up at a pace that far outstrips our current resources. Our phone lines and e-mail boxes are overflowing with appeals from people who are counting on us to speak and act on their behalf.

Dear Friend of CAIR,

As-salaam alaikum.

If you tuned into the news lately, you cannot have missed the media’s bias in portraying the conflict in the Middle East. You surely see our own government’s unconditional support for Israel. Even Sen. John Warner, from President Bush’s own party, questioned the wisdom of this one-sided support for Israel.

At CAIR we have organized a multi-layered campaign to address this recent conflict. A peaceful and just resolution to this five-decade-long conflict is important for the continued growth and empowerment of the Muslim community in America.

A new poll sponsored by CAIR and released last week shows that the majority of Americans want an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East.

To allow ordinary Americans to receive an accurate characterization of this conflict and to voice their disagreement about current US policy, we have launched a new resource website:

Among other things, the website contains a petition that demands that our elected officials pay heed to public opinion. Please take a moment to visit the website and sign CAIR’s “Not in America’s Name” petition. We need your help to reach our fellow Americans with these facts.

The website also contains educational materials about the conflict and suggests actions you can take to voice your opinions and concerns – from contacting your elected officials, sending humanitarian relief to the people in Lebanon and Gaza, organizing town hall meetings to writing letters to editors.

In addition, we have coordinated news conferences with American citizens who have relatives in Lebanon or those who just arrived from there. These news conferences were carried out in more than a dozen cities across the nation. Most of the news conferences were carried by local affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX and helped to draw media attention to the bizarre situation in which American tax-payer-funded weapons are being used by Israel to bomb American citizens attempting to flee the war zone.

It is our Islamic obligation to help the cause of peace and justice and to help those who are advocating such enduring Islamic values.

Together, we can do it! We need:

* 400 of our friends to donate $200 per month,
* 800 of our friends to donate $100 per month,
* 1,500 of our friends to give $50 per month, and
* 2,500 of our friends to give $25 per month.

All we are asking for are modest monthly donations – between $25 and $200 or more. For less than the cost of your cable TV or coffee bill you can help CAIR advocate for you. Visit us at to find out how we help you everyday.

We close with a reminder from the Holy Quran, “Verily God will never change the condition of a people (community) until they change that which is within themselves (13:11).”



Parvez Ahmed

Nihad Awad
Executive Director


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