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CAIR-AZ Hosts FBI Informational Sessions


CAIR-AZ hosted two FBI informational events on July 6th and 7th, 2007. Both were attended by the head of the Phoenix Field Office of the FBI, Special Agent in Charge John Lewis and Armando Fernandez, one of his three assistants.

Special Agent in Charge John Lewis outlined misinformation about the FBI and misperceptions of their jobs and the limit of their resources. Afterward, Armando Fernandez offered a quick run-through of the FBI’s structure and what their respective jobs and roles entailed. They then opened the floor for questions.

The session at ICC was attended by more than 70 people and that at Al Rasool by around 40. The majority of questions evolved around the subject of immigration/ delayed citizenship. Others involved personal issues, such as discrimination and travel problems, and some others cleared up misconceptions and misunderstandings.


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