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CAIR-CAN and Imams Meet Prime Minister

(OTTAWA, CANADA ­ 28/07/05) ­ Prime Minister Paul Martin held a roundtable discussion with 19 Imams from across Canada and the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) earlier tonight. The meeting, which took place in Toronto, was arranged after the Imams released a declaration condemning extremism last week. After the discussion, the Imams released a statement, which read in part: “. . .We have challenged, and will continue to challenge, extremism in all its forms, and affirm Islam as a lived reality that is compassionate, tolerant, just and life-sanctifying. “We also stand ready to embrace the challenge of ensuring that our country does not compromise its longstanding commitment to the values of justice, embodied in the rule of law, equity, transparency and accountability. To that end, we will continue to take a principled position on Canada’s national security legislation and policy, and our nation’s role in addressing the difficult challenges that face our world. . .” The full statement, which includes proposals by the Imams on areas the government and Canadian Muslims can work together, can be read here:

The Imams’ declaration condemning extremism, released last week, can be read here:

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