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CAIR-CAN Releases Annual Review


Read CAIR-Canada's 2003-2004 Annual Review in PDF format

Read CAIR-Canada’s 2003-2004
Annual Review in PDF format

OTTAWA, CANADA, 10/11/2004) – CAIR-CAN today released a downloadable copy of its annual review for 2003-2004. The review summarizes the depth and breadth of CAIR-CAN’s activism until mid-2004.


Please forward the link to the portfolio to your personal e-mail lists and all your friends and family. Ask them to support CAIR-CAN by filling in the membership form ( and enclosing a donation through your preferred method.

Shaikh Jamal Badawi, Shaikh Ahmed Kutty, Shaikh Mohammed Zahid Aboguddah and Shaikh Mohammed Iqbal Al-Nadvi have all issued statements calling on Canadian Muslims to support CAIR-CAN through zakah donations.

Shaikh Ahmed Kutty: “Muslims should have no hesitation in giving part of
their Zakah to CAIR-CAN which is providing a most timely and essential
service for the cause of Islam and Muslims; they have a reputation for
professionalism, efficiency, commitment and integrity which in my mind are
the most valuable assets of any Islamic organization worthy of the name.”

Shaikh Mohammad Zahid Aboguddah: “CAIR-CAN is an Islamic organization that
has an impressive track record of Islamic work in Canada….CAIR-CAN
definitely qualifies to be a recipient of zakah and I would strongly
recommend to Muslims to consider CAIR-CAN when they distribute their zakah.”

Shaikh Mohammed Iqbal Al-Nadvi: “I hope Muslims all over the country help
CAIR-CAN by their donating zakah money for CAIR-CAN’s noble cause….”

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