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CAIR-CAN Urges B.C. Muslim Group to Let Women Vote

CAIR-CAN Urges B.C. Muslim Group to Let Women Vote

(OTTAWA, CANADA – 31/10/05) – The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) today called on the B.C. Muslim Association (BCMA) to respect both the religious and political right of women to vote in its decision-making process.

According to media and other reports, the BCMA bars women from voting in its internal affairs, such as the hiring of Imams, or prayer leaders, for the association’s mosques.

The issue surfaced in response to a community disagreement regarding a local Imam.

In a statement released today, CAIR-CAN said:

“While we respect the right of Muslims in British Columbia to resolve their own internal disagreements, it is unacceptable that women are denied the right to vote which is given to them by both Islam and Canadian law.

“Under Islam, the concept of “shura,” or mutual consultation on community matters, includes both men and women.

“CAIR-CAN calls on the BCMA to respect the rights given to women under Islam.”

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