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CAIR: Coalition Seeks Review of DOJ Guidelines

(WASHINGTON, DC, 8/13/2008) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) yesterday joined with a coalition of 37 organizations, led by Muslim Advocates, in sending a letter to Attorney General Mukasey expressing concerns about the Department of Justice’s forthcoming revised Investigative Guidelines.
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In its letter, the coalition stated: “The risk persists of targets being selected for political purposes or on the basis of vastly overinclusive dragnets.”
The letter cited “a program by the FBI’s San Francisco field office recommended by ‘top FBI counterterrorism officials’ was ridiculed last year after seeking to identify suspected terrorists by tracing consumer data collected by local grocery stores and examining trends in purchases of falafel and other foods favored in the Middle East.”
It closed with a request to review and comment on the guidelines, stating: “Because the Guidelines could potentially expand the scope of the nation’s chief investigative agency to an unprecedented degree, it is crucial that they are fully reviewed and considered by both Congress and the American people.”
See the full document here.
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