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CAIR Condemns Israeli Attacks, Examines Israel Lobby


When Israel undertook its bombardment of southern Lebanon in July this year, many in the worldwide community condemned the military action and unanimously approved a UN Resolution to end the hostilities.

Similarly, CAIR called on the Bush administration to demand an end to Israel’s terror campaign and to protect the lives of American citizens trapped in areas under Israeli attack. CAIR used polling data to show that a cease-fire was supported by the majority of Americans of all faiths.

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On national television, CAIR representatives urged the U.S. government to end American arms shipments to Israel and to actively support a comprehensive and just resolution to the Middle East crisis.

CAIR chapters throughout the country also hosted news conferences to give voice to those American Muslims whose families were directly affected by Israel’s aggression.

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CAIR followed its media efforts with a panel discussion on “The Israel Lobby and the U.S. Response to the War in Lebanon” at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The panel, aired live nationwide on C-SPAN, featured Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, authors of a recent Harvard University paper, “The Israel Lobby.”

SEE: Video: CAIR ‘Israel Lobby’ Panel on C-SPAN


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