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CAIR-CT Wins Accommodation for Fasting Students

(NEW LONDON, CT, 10/27/05) – The Connecticut office of the Council of
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CT) today announced that fasting Muslim students at a Bridgeport elementary school will no longer be required to sit in the cafeteria during lunch hour.

CAIR-CT met with school officials after receiving a complaint that the Muslim students, who are observing the month-long Islamic fast of Ramadan, had to watch classmates eat their lunch in the cafeteria.

The school will now allow Muslim students to study in a separate room under the supervision of teacher during their lunch break. CAIR-CT will also offer diversity training about Islam at the school.

CONTACT: CAIR-CT Director of Civil Rights Hamza Collins, 860-995-6628, Badr Malik, 860-575-4400


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