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CAIR Defends Civil Rights by Taking Legal Action


CAIR, ACLU and other civil rights groups scored a major victory earlier this year when a federal judge ruled that the U.S. government’s domestic eavesdropping program violated freedom of speech and privacy rights. The judge also ruled that the wiretapping violated the separation of powers doctrine mandated by the Constitution and ordered an immediate halt to the program. CAIR had previously joined an ACLU lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the wiretapping program.

In May, CAIR also called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) had built a giant database of Americans’ phone records. The phone records monitoring program, reportedly authorized by the president shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks, authorizes the NSA to bypass a secret court set up to provide warrants for such surveillance.

In November, when six Imams were taken off a flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport because of “suspicious activity,” the American Muslim community was reminded yet again that often times, “flying while Muslim” in the post-9/11 era can become an enforceable offense.

The Imams told CAIR, which is currently serving as their legal counsel, that they were removed from the US Airways flight “for no reason” and were “humiliated” by being handcuffed and taken off the plane in the view of other passengers. They suspect the “suspicious activity” cited by authorities was the performance of normal evening prayers offered by members of the group.

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