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CAIR-FL Co-Sponsors ‘Peace Not Prejudice’ Panel

(GAINESVILLE, FL, 11/29/07) – On Thursday, November 29, Islam on Campus and the Orlando chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Orlando) co-hosted a panel discussion on Islamophobia on university campuses and the true meaning of Islam. The event was entitled “Peace not Prejudice: Breaking the Muslim Stereotype.”
Panelists included CAIR Board Chairman Dr. Parvez Ahmed and Hassan Rasheed, IOC representative and Doctoral Candidate at UF. Mr. Dave Kratzer, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at UF, addressed the audience.
The panel was a response to the actions of student groups who sponsored a propaganda film entitled, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” in conjunction with a publicity scheme depicting Muslim leadership on campus as radical.
During the panel discussion which sought to bring positive closure to the controversy, Dr. Parvez Ahmed, board chairman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, stated: “Muslims and their faith Islam remains misunderstood, feared and shunned – 4 in 10 Americans admit being prejudiced about Muslims. A country as diverse as America and one that stands on the principles of liberty and justice for all can ill afford to remain entrenched in such prejudices and paranoia.”
The event gathered a cross-section of the University population. Attendees welcomed the opportunity to pose candid questions to the panel members. In addition to exposing the hateful trend of Islamophobia on U.S. campuses, panel members discussed the true meaning of Islam, the second largest religion in the world.
CAIR, America’s largest Muslim civil liberties group, has 33 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, protect civil liberties, and empower American Muslims.


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