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CAIR: Islamophobes Pressured Okla. Gov to End Ethnic Councils

The executive director of Oklahoma’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Monday he is disappointed Gov. Mary Fallin has decided to abolish a gubernatorial advisory council dealing with Middle Eastern cultures and issues.
Muneer Awad said he was aware the governor was under pressure from people who believe Muslims secretly are trying to overthrow Oklahoma, and that Muslims can’t be trusted.
“This kind of sentiment is really the venom that’s affecting our government,” he said.
“There is no Muslim threat in Oklahoma, and the idea that we have politicians suggest there may be is really troubling to us,” Awad said.
Social conservatives had called on Fallin to get rid of the three advisory councils. They especially are upset with councils dealing with Hispanic and Middle Eastern people. More than a dozen people critical of the advisory councils began showing up this year at the meetings of the Hispanic and Middle Eastern councils. (More)


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