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CAIR Leadership Conference Critical Skills Sessions

CAIR Leadership Conference Critical Skills Sessions
Methods for Successful On-Camera Interviews
Have you ever watched The O’Reilly Factor and thought, “Man, I wish I could debate him!”? In this session you will learn how to not only survive but master on-air interviews. You will gain critical skills for developing a media spokesperson to represent your organization and how to act in a crisis situation. Finally, you will learn how to package talking points effectively.

Effective Engagement of Social Media: How Facebook and Blogging Can Change Your Campaign
Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking tools are now the most popular method of engaging individuals in dialogue. From politicians to grandmothers, almost everyone has a Facebook account. With such a platform, messaging is essential in mobilizing the masses for action for your cause. In this session you will learn the best methods for utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and other social media.

Successful Political Engagement
Everyone knows how to attend a protest, but not everyone knows how to critically engage his or her senator or congressional representatives. This session will focus on the best practices of political engagement. From sending letters to your local and state representatives to volunteering for a political campaign, you will learn how to produce results on all levels.

Becoming a Dynamic Public Speaker
You may be the best writer, the sharpest analyst, or the savviest researcher, but do your palms sweat when you stand in front of an audience? This session is for you! Learn the methods of delivering a compelling public speech. You can change hearts and minds. Those who are already confident public speakers and would like to fine-tune their skills will also benefit.

Know Your Rights with Law Enforcement
More than ever, our community has become a target for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and even local police. It’s their job to help protect our country, but it’s also our job to know our rights so that we can protect ourselves. In this session you will learn your legal rights if approached by any law enforcement agency and how to productively engage authorities.
Challenging Islamophobia
Bigots getting you down? Have the feeling that the number of hate crimes against Muslims and anti-Islamic incitement is on the rise? Ever feel the urge to challenge this hate? In this session you will learn what constitutes Islamophobia and how to properly challenge, measure, and document it.


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