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CAIR: NY Muslim Attorney Receives 2nd Terror Threat from Minnesota


NY Muslim Attorney Receives 2nd Terror Threat from Minnesota
Letter threatens lawyer, families of imams suing US Airways

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 7/13/07) – The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said today that a second terror threat has been received by the New York lawyer for six imams, or Islamic religious leaders, suing US Airways over allegations of religious profiling during an incident last fall in Minnesota.

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The letter, sent from Minnesota to attorney Omar T. Mohammedi, states in part: “Who cares if the Federal courthouse is secure (which it really is not). . .Do not worry. At a time of our choosing we will find you. And we will visit each and every one of your plaintiffs whom we have heard speak. They have been ranked in order of importance as targets. . .And finally lets [sic] not forget about the families at home while you and your plaintiffs are away. . .women and children are fair game. . .you will be spared from an anonymous death.” The letter ends by stating, “Islam is the Voice of Satan.”

Earlier this year, Mohammedi received a similar letter from Minnesota that stated: “We have located the residences and identified the families of all parties (the plaintiffs and you). . .We plan, at random, to start systematically killing the people on our list if this suit proceeds. You, personally, have been identified as the prize kill.”

The FBI has been notified of both letters.

“Death threats targeting individuals merely for exercising their legal rights are acts of terror, whether the threats are made overseas or right here at home,” said CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “We call on law enforcement authorities in Minnesota and New York to work with the FBI to make sure that these threats are not carried out.”

CAIR has recently received a number of death threats targeting its representatives across the country. The FBI is also looking into those threats.

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