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CAIR Offers Advice to Trump on ‘Islam’ Speech Being Written by Author of Muslim Ban

CAIR National logo(WASHINGTON, D.C., 5/17/2017) — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today offered President Trump some advice on a scheduled speech outlining his “hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam” during an upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia. Trump leaves for his first foreign trip on Friday, which starts in Saudi Arabia.

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, who had a key role in the controversial “Muslim ban” executive orders, will reportedly help write the president’s speech on Islam.

Report: Travel Ban Architect Drafting Trump Speech on Islam

The president’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster recently said Trump will “deliver an inspiring yet direct speech on the need to confront radical ideology and the president’s hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam to dominate across the world.” “The speech is intended to unite the broader Muslim world against common enemies of all civilization and to demonstrate America’s commitment to our Muslim partners,” said McMaster.

In a statement, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said:

“If President Trump wishes to reach out to ordinary Muslims in the Middle East and around the world, he should avoid the pejorative terminology, anti-Muslim stereotypes and counterproductive policies promoted by Islamophobic advisers such as Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka.

“Instead, he should offer a vision for a future in which Muslims and people of all faiths and backgrounds can live free of the oppression of dictators or the dictates of extremists.

“A truly inspiring speech would focus on the universal desire for justice, freedom and human dignity. As God says in the Quran, Islam’s revealed text, ”˜The Word of thy Lord finds its fulfillment in truth and in justice.’” (6:115)

Awad noted that Trump adviser Gorka has repeatedly refused to answer whether the president believes Islam is an actual religion. “The president’s upcoming speech offers an opportunity to clarify whether or not he believes Islam should be respected as a major world faith.”

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Last week, CAIR released a report showing a 57 percent increase in anti-Muslim incidents in 2016 over the previous year. This spike in anti-Muslim incidents was accompanied by a 44 percent increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes during the same period.

SEE: New CAIR Report Shows More than 50 Percent Spike in Anti-Muslim Incidents

The Washington-based civil rights and advocacy organization urges community members to report any bias incidents to police and to CAIR’s Civil Rights Department at 202-742-6420 or by filing a report at:

CAIR’S mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

La misión de CAIR es mejorar la comprensión del Islam, fomentar el diálogo, proteger las libertades civiles, capacitar a los musulmanes estadounidenses, y construir coaliciones que promuevan la justicia y la comprensión mutua.

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CONTACT: CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726,

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