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CAIR-SFBA Registers 200 Muslim Voters, and Counting

(SANTA CLARA, AUGUST 7, 2008) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area (CAIR-SFBA) congratulates its government sub-committee for registering over 200 Bay Area Muslim voters since April through its efforts to empower American Muslims and to encourage them to vote in the upcoming November elections.
The Committee coordinates voter registration drives at various mosques in the Bay Area at Friday prayers and community events. These efforts provide members of the community an opportunity to learn about their voting rights and register to vote if they are eligible. Voting, apart from being a privilege, is also the best way to keep the nation’s leaders in check.
CAIR-SFBA is keeping an accurate account of how many voter registration cards have been submitted as part of its effort to register voters. The numbers will be used to illustrate to the community and public officials the commitment of the Muslim community to participate in democratic processes.
Later this month, CAIR-SFBA will launch a Voter Education Guide which explains select bills that affect the Muslim community and reports on the stance taken by various Congressmen in relation to those issues.
The CAIR-SFBA Government Sub-committee, which was convened in April 2008, is made up of a group of ethnically and geographically diverse community leaders with significant community connections and influence to reach out to mosques and other Muslim communities.

Contact: CAIR-SFBA Government Relations Coordinator Mahrukh Hasan at or 408-986-9874.


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