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Cases of American Muslims Barred from U.S.

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United States Citizens Currently Stranded Overseas:

  • On May 5, 2010, a 26-year-old American born man studying in Yemen was denied boarding an airplane. He is now stranded in Cairo, Egypt in transit to the U.S, after being put on a no fly-list while overseas. The young man was informed that the FBI will fly in from the U.S. to interrogate him. The family of the young man was asked to pay for his hotel accommodation in Cairo while he waits for the FBI agents.

  • A natural born U.S. citizen who is a disabled veteran currently lives insmall Egyptian town2 hours from Cairoas a studentlearning Arabic. He was planning to fly from Cairo to the U.S. via Madrid but was told that Madrid did not want him to board the plane. He is still stranded in Egypt. After FBI agents interrogated him, they allegedly informed him that the agents would be going on vacation for several weeks and would not be able to give him clearance to return to the US until after their return.

United States Citizens Who Were Stranded Overseas and Later Cleared:

  • A natural born American citizen was stranded in Yemen from January to March 2010, because of being on the no fly-list. He was eventually given a temporary pass by the Embassy to fly back into the states.

  • A naturalized American citizen from Pennsylvania went on vacation with his wife to Yemen. When trying to return from the vacation, the couple was stopped by officials at the airport in Yemen. They were told that the man was on a no-fly list and therefore could not travel until the issue was resolved. He was eventually cleared to travel back to the United States in May 2010 after waiting for several weeks.

Green Card Holders Currently Stranded Overseas because of the No-Fly List:

  • AU.S. permanent resident with Canadian citizenship was attempting to travel home to Southern California from the United Arab Emirates in March 2010 when he was told he was on a no-fly list. He filed with DHS TRIP;hedoes not understand why he was put on a no-fly list.

  • A United States permanent resident from Ohio was placed on the no-fly list. He was detained in Turkey, but later allowed to fly to Canada. When he attempted to enter the U.S. by driving to Detroit, he was arrested crossing the border.

  • A United States permanent resident who is an Egyptian citizen was denied boarding a flight to the U.S. from Honduras. He was told to contact the U.S Embassy in Honduras, which he did together with the DHS TRIP. When he was not successful in returning to the U.S., he decided to go to Egypt and try to work with the American Embassy there. He has been stranded since January. He has an American born wife and a one-year-old son.

American Citizens Who Cannot Fly Out of the U.S Because of Being Placed on the No-Fly List:

  • Person denied flight out of San Francisco airport. The FBI has questioned him repeatedly, offering him &ldquo;help&rdquo; to get off the no-fly list.

  • Naturalized citizens from Minnesota were driving to Canada and denied entry. Presumably, because Canada uses America&rsquo;s no-fly list.

  • An imam who is a naturalized American citizen was told he was put on the no-fly list before his trip to Dubai. He was not given a reason why he was put on the list because he traveled last summer to Dubai.


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