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DC: WMAL Advertiser Rejects Anti-Muslim Bigotry

UPDATE: CAIR recently called on a Washington, D.C., radio station to reprimand Michael Graham, a talk show host who states repeatedly that “Islam is a terrorist organization.” We also urged American Muslims to contact the station’s advertisers to express their concerns about Graham’s Islamophobic views.

SEE: “Muslims Call Comments by WMAL Host ‘Hate-Filled’
Paul Farhi, Washington Post, 07/26/05

In response to a CAIR action alert, many people contacted those advertisers. One advertiser responded with the following e-mail message:

“Thank you for contacting our company regarding the comments made by Michael Graham on the WMAL Radio Station.

“I can assure you that we at Moore Cadillac Hummer agree with you totally. Anyone that paints a negative picture of an entire segment of society based on the actions of a few is shortsighted and ignorant. That type of broad-brush stereotyping is detrimental to the extensive progress this country has made in the battle against prejudice and bigotry.

“WMAL programming features two other personalities that have come out against Michael Graham in Chris Core and Fred Grandy. Their views are much more in line with ours and we support them fervently. . .”

Jeff C. Doughty
General Sales Manager
8595 Leesburg Pike ~ Vienna, VA 22182
Direct: 703 448-6250
Fax: 703-448-6240


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